How to Change Your Diet to be Healthy

how to change to a healthy diet

Diet changes represent one of the biggest lifestyle changes that I have ever had to face.  I have always worked out, and always had a crappy diet! A couple years ago I finally 100% committed to making some lasting healthy changes.

Yet changing your diet is overwhelming because it sometimes feels like you are doing everything wrong.  Where to even begin to change?

Instead of doing everything at once, I chose to try and actively reduce inflammation and eliminate foods that could be allergy/intolerance issues.  this way I could get healthy one food at a time!

Based on the allergy side I decided to eliminate dairy from my diet (my husband for years has tried to convince me I had a dairy issue).

Here is what I learned while eliminating it from my diet:

  • Dairy is in everything.  Well, at least it feels like that!  All joking aside, it really is in more things than you would think, especially when eating out.  McDonald’s, has it in almost every single food.  Since McDonald’s was my go to quick bad place, this was a problem! (I have been using the site to research dairy).
  • When you don’t eat something you have problems with or that cause inflammation you feel better.  I realize this makes sense, but you really don’t fully grasp the impact until you give up that food item.  Things you thought had to do with genetics amazingly get better.  For example, my skin looks much better than it used with far less breakouts.

More importantly I learned some skills that I want to share with you that will help you also give up problem foods successfully.

  1. Pick one food at a time, especially if it is a food that you eat all the time.  I ate dairy all the time since I love cheese.  By only picking one food it allows you time to learn new recipes and adapt to minor changes.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask what is in your food, at restaurants and friends houses.  It is your health so don’t worry about being a pain (especially if it is an allergy).
  3. Learn how to read labels.  Some ingredients are in more foods than you think.  Dairy and Gluten seem to be packaged food staple additives. (Just one more reason to focus on whole foods).
  4. Schedule extra time to grocery shop.  You need to read those labels so it will take you a bit longer.  This does get easier as you begin to learn what you can and cannot eat.  But remember at the beginning it will take you a bit longer.
  5. Prepare natural whole foods instead of packaged foods.  This is what I have begun to move more to as it is quicker to get through the store and know what is in my food.
  6. Remember to check non-food items that you put in your body.  Think vitamins and drinks.  A couple of my supplements had dairy in them.  There are a couple of brands that are allergy friendly for vitamins.
  7. Keep at it, it is not easy to give up something you have eaten your whole life.  Eventually though it will become your new habit, so keep working at it.  I don’t even miss dairy, except for pizza time!

One health change at a time will make a major difference in your life.  So don’t wait to come up with a plan to do it all at once.  Choose something to change today and get going!

I would love to hear what one thing you are going to change, leave a comment below and share with us!


  1. Great tips! I have a teen that is moving towards dairy free (as am I) and it is so difficult! My teen is slowly eliminating, while I went cold turkey on everything. I really thought I could not eat a thing but after a few weeks I’m learning that’s not the case. And I feel so much better that when I’m tempted to eat something I shouldn’t, the feeling passes quickly.

    • @Tonya, it is hard but it does get easier especially once you have new recipes and go to items to eat! I too went cold turkey and am so glad I made the change, I just feel so much better!

  2. I love the idea of getting healthier one food at a time! I’ve tried going all in before and it can get overwhelming, so I go right back to eating junk.

    • @Anne, I am with you! I used to try to change everything at one time and it just never worked. Success is much easier when you make one change at a time.

  3. Great post because this is a realistic way to change your diet instead of going on a crash diet (even if it’s a healthy one). Perfect post for all of our New Year’s resolutions!

    • @Tracy Thank you! It is so true crash diets are hard and not healthy! Better to make lasting life changes!